Our Services

What we can do for you.
Golf Course Construction

Utilizes a planning strategy and has created a development model which allows for efficient and cost effective golf course development.

Water System Design and Construction

Our expertise in planning and modeling brings value and knowledge into infrastructure design, which includes new treatment, storage, and distribution systems as well as system assessment, and rehabilitation.

Golf Course Maintenance

Poor handling and disposal practices at these sites can lead to serious environmental problems, expose the ownership to extensive legal liability for contamination and cleanup, including penalties and fines, and create a poor public image for the golf course.

Golf Design, Planning & Conceptualization

Comprehensive solution to golf course problems, deficiencies, and proposed improvements as related to the playability, maintenance and operation of the golf course.

Golf Course Project Management and Project Monitoring

We have the best people to manage the project on site.

Golf Course Turf Consultancy

We provide with best intentions a solutiion to all turf related issues.

Landscape Irrigation

Efficient irrigation practices and waterwise landscape planning and planting can make a huge difference.

Water and Electrical Material Supplier

Quality materials for long lasting operation.

Land Survey

Surveying services; fast and detailed.

Feasibility Studies

From out of the box ideas and concepts to actual results.

Supply of Golf Course Manpower

We can provide an experienced and well monitored people across the project.